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Kid Ink Explains How Having A Daughter Has Changed His Music

Los Angeles, CA – Los Angeles rapper Kid Ink has provided listeners with Hip Hop party anthems for years. Though on a three-year album hiatus, the producer-turned-rapper has been steadily releasing mixtapes and singleswhile juggling changes in his personal life, like the birth his daughter. HipHopDX sat down with the RCA records signee at the Ethika party over All-Star Weekend in Los Angeles to discuss new music, family life, and more.

On His Next Album

Ive been working on something. Ive been with a major label a while, and we havent collectively come to a position where we feel like were ready for an album. I want my next album to feel whole. In the past my albums were kind just a collection smashes, but I want my next album to be more well-rounded, not just club hits. I have hundreds new songs. I think this year will be full-force for me.

On Musicians Making Albums With 20+ Tracks

I have enough music to do that, but I think that you cant appreciate individual songs when theres so many. I wouldnt want to put out 30, 40 songs, and one thems a hit on the radio, and the rest are overshadowed, going under the radar.

On His Sound Changing

Im releasing a a new video for a record I just dropped called Tell Somebody, which I feel is just introducing a new sound for Kid Ink. Removing limits placed on myself. I think this video is going to be … I dont want to say political, but it will definitely spark some ideas. Its not the basic ‘Kid Ink’ party, love, club song.

On Marriage & Being A Father

I dont think being married has changed my career. But, having a daughter is a little content-restraining. Im not doing the same things I was doing before she was born. Im not going to strip clubs, doing all that wild shit. But having her sparks new ideas I have new things to talk about in my music, being a bigger and better man.

Check out Kid Ink’s new song with Ray J below.