Kid Snow, Tashan & Aonenine – Minerals [Stream]


‘Minerals’ is the latest project from emerging trio, Kid Snow, Tashan and Aonenine, projecting the capabilities of three rising talents to come out of London. The 5-track EP is a collaborative piece which was completed during lockdown between the Dtox crew. Each song solidifies the impressive workflow and chemistry; with each character bouncing off one another emphasising the great correlation. 

With no two songs the same, Minerals demonstrates the high standard of Snow’s production style accommodating A1 and Tashan’s lyrical delivery and natural swagger. Kicking things off with Abella Danger, they certainly haven’t played it safe and it pays off – instantly bringing you into their world which consists of A1 808’s wavy back-to-back flows. 

On the standout track ‘Minor Mills’, Snow twists the traditional Japanese folk song ‘Sakura, Sakura’ to his will. Accompanied with a majestic feature verse from Songer this is the epitome of what the gang can offer. Black and White embarks on a lighter sound, highlighting the melodic talents possessed touching on life’s regrets. The tune floats at a smooth pace allowing the chorus to attach two stellar verses from both Tashan and A1.

Minerals is more than just an iridescent and imaginative EP. It’s a sign, a warning, and yet another reason why you’re only going to be seeing these names more and more over the coming months

Tashan, a West-London based artist with the intentions of setting himself aside through his sonically diverse approach. By fusing trap-soul with a melodic R&B sound he offers an alternative dimension to the current music scene. Along with A1, they are both on a path to greatness with a solid project already in the bag.

The journey to building a reputation in the UK industry has begun!