Kieron Boothe – Mr. Invisible 2 [Stream]

Photo Credit:  Alma De La Selva

Photo Credit: Alma De La Selva

Returning with the second half of his genre-blending project ‘Mr. Invisible 2’ after last year’s first instalment, East-London’s Kieron Boothe soaks his instrumentals and lyricism with vivid imagination. As both a musician and graphic designer, the artist’s vision takes you on a colourful and atmospheric journey as he paints pictures with his off-kilter production and detailed lyricism.

Having released ‘Ritual’ earlier this year, the intro to the five-track project brings live instrumentation rooted in jazz melodies and heavy percussion whilst Kieron effortlessly jumps around the expressive track, proving his creative ability, instantly. Moving into the second track, ‘On My Mind’, opens with warping synths before dropping into a trap-infused, experimentally-percussive sound. Holding down a tongue-in-cheek hook whilst keeping pace with the upbeat track, his flow carries him through carrying the instrumental on his back. 

Switching it up for the grittier, soulful bass-lines of ‘Stuck On Repeat’, the artist delves back into his jazz influence, somehow pairing contrasting tracks next to each other, seamlessly keeping his tone. Playfully flowing around horns and live drums, this track brings an optimism within its moody undertones with the rapper’s lyricism adding layers of colour and imagery.

Heading into the second to last track ‘One Love’ takes an elegant approach with clean-cut keys before introducing piercing synths which eventually melt into the atmospheric horns. Keeping the track uptempo with his charismatic delivery and holding down the hook with his laid back, yet effective melodies elevated by beautiful harmonies.

Entering his final track, taking inspiration from all over with its heavy, Jazz-centred keys easing you in before the instrumental moves into a samba-jazz-inspired horn sample and airy, hip-hop infused drums. The brash sounds of ‘Then & Now’ bring a whole new depth to this EP, holding a distinctive sound and perfectly taking the last word of this defiant project.

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