Photo Credit:  Mat Scott

Photo Credit: Mat Scott

With a series of singles behind him, KiLLOWEN chases down the summer sunshine with his first multi-song project. Self Aware holds three tracks, each one serving as a space for the young artist to explore and find his own pacing and define his sound. The three-track EP mimics an opus, a similar vein running through each individual song but clearly showcasing a definitive style. 

The first track meets us with an electric guitar and soft croons, promising a greater understanding of our individual journeys as we reminisce on the historic figures before us, much like ‘Van Gogh’ the obvious inspiration behind the track. The lyrics reflect upon Van Gogh as an artist who struggled greatly and yet is revered so highly today. This foreshadows the depth behind KiLLOWEN’s thought process as an artist and serves as a request for all those who are listening to be true to who they are in their own creative journeys. 

Blending into the second track, the transition is ‘Flawless’, no pun intended. The R&B beat inspires listeners to sashay as the waves of sound wash over them. KiLLOWEN’s rendition of a love song, hits perfectly in this lineup, thematically and sonically. It’s in this song where we really begin to hear the depths of his vocal ability with the highs, lows, runs and silky smooth tone we hear as we swim from verse to chorus and back again. 

A soft riff from the same electric guitar we hear in the first track ushers in the melody of the last one, inspiring swells of emotion while mimicking the feeling of an exhale. ‘MYSELF ‘N’ I’ is such a timely song, as if someone finally put to words what we’ve all been thinking over the past few months. The balance of security and insecurity that is self-questioning is present in a clever way that allows it to almost be an enjoyable oscillation between the two. 

It’s clear that this project is only the beginning to KiLLOWEN’s musical journey. The sweet sonic profile coupled with deep intention sets this young artist apart from the first notes we hear and promises that there’s more greatness to come.