Kim Kardashian Gets Checked After Apologizing For "Pale" Skin

Kim Kardashian asked her fans to forgive her for her “pale” hand, which led the Internet to remind her that that is actually her natural skin tone.

It appears that was in need of a reminder of what her actual skin tone is, after she posted a video asking her fans not to “judge” her for her “pale” hand that was a drastically different shade than her face. The Kardashian-Jenner family over-tanning their skin is nothing new, especially when it comes to Kim. The most well-known member of the famous family has long been a frequent visitor to the tanning salon, and has even launched a “body foundation” product that is meant to be applied like makeup to your whole body so that all of your skin is the same shade. However, it looks like Kim forgot to darken her hands in one of her recent Instagram stories, and she didn’t quite acknowledge it in the best way.

Kim Kardashian Gets Checked After Apologizing For "Pale" SkinDavid Livingston/Getty Images

Kim posted a video of herself glossing her lips, her left hand naturally getting in the frame. “Don’t judge me for my pale hand,” she wrote on the story. Many were quick to point out the absurdity of her asking viewers not to “judge” the paleness of her hand, as if that’s not her natural skin tone to begin with. It became even more blasphemous when the difference in shade between her hand and her face was brought to light, emphasizing the extent to which she over-bronzes her face. Tons of Twitter users proceeded to roast her for her lack of self-awareness and apparent amnesia that she is, and has always been, a white woman.

One person even pointed out that Kim’s sister  of the same distorted ratio of hand-to-face skin tone.

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