King Keon Showcases His Talent In “ELITE”

Exceptional artist King Keon showcases his talent in a recent single called “ELITE”, a song with tens of thousands of views and streams. A team effort, as the artist mentioned in an interview, the music video for “ELITE” is another masterpiece, showing the artist rapping while his therapist nods and takes notes. 

A rare talent for sure, King Keon also spoke about artists’ desire to be different and what indeed makes them unique: “I believe all artists , all REAL artists are different. What I bring to the game is something that no one else can deliver. You can only get King Keon from King Keon. I am who I say I am, my voice, my story, my delivery, it’s all exclusive. I use my voice to express my thoughts, my real life situations and speak on things that are going on in the environment I come from. My music is Art imitating life; and to really know me, you would have to listen to my music.”

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