Kodak Black Feeling Great After Reducing His Percocet Usage

Kodak Black says he’s feeling great after reducing his Percocet usage.

Kodak Black Feels Great After Cutting Back on His Percocet Usage

On Saturday (April 6), a video surfaced of Kodak Black on Instagram Live giving his fans an update on his health and overall well-being. In the clip below this post, the South Florida rapper revealed that he has gained a sense of clarity in terms of his mental health since cutting down his daily Percocet usage from 100 pills to now 40 pills.

“I remember a point of my life when I was chewing a lot of percs,” Yak explained in the video. “Bro, I’m proud of myself. I never been this happy in my life.”

“I don’t know where this came from [or] what the f**k is going on,” he continued.

Kodak added that he looked back at the music he released prior to lowering his dosage and realized that much of it was incoherent.

“I’m telling y’all this, man. Bro, I ain’t know. To the point I look at this s**t and I’d be like what the f**k was wrong with me, bro,” Yak said reflecting on his past.

“I listen to my music and be like, ‘Bro, what the f**k, fam?” he added.

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Kodak Black Has Been Out of Jail for Two Months Since His Drug Possession Charge Was Dismissed

Kodak’s newfound sobriety comes after he was released from the Broward County jail back in February of this year. Florida Judge Jose Martinez dismissed the drug possession charge against the rapper, which pushed forward his release.

As previously reported, Kodak was arrested on Dec. 7, 2023, in Plantation, Fla. after cops saw him illegally parked and claimed he tried to conceal a white powder they initially claimed was cocaine. The “Super Gremlin” rhymer was charged with cocaine possession, evidence tampering and a traffic violation for double parking. A week later, he was taken into custody for possibly violating his probation. Lab tests later revealed the white substance was Oxycodone, which Kodak is prescribed to have. The cocaine possession charge was later changed to Oxycodone possession and was dismissed altogether.

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Watch Kodak Black explain how he feels great after reducing his Percocet usage below.

See Kodak Black’s Video Testimonial of Getting Better Since Reducing His Percocet Usage

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