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KruddTheGuru Gets Candid About His Latest Single: “LifesAMess”

Baltimore-based rapper KruddTheGuru’s new single, “LifesAMess,” is a powerful and relatable track that addresses the struggles of everyday life, including drug abuse and mental health. The single was produced by The Virus and Antidote, with whom the Hip Hop artist has developed a strong creative relationship. He explained, “We just trust each other’s process…the dark alternative vibe is kind of our sound.” 

KruddTheGuru’s influences include a range of artists from Trae tha Truth to Kanye West, but he is committed to developing his own unique sound, admitting “I always wanted to have a sound of my own that really defines me…I take little pieces from everyone.” 

The rapper’s involvement in Baltimore’s thriving hip-hop community has shaped his style and influenced his career trajectory. KruddTheGuru shared, “Baltimore has a huge hip-hop scene that doesn’t get too much love in the music industry which forces a lot of people to go hard…Baltimore is raw and it’s just embedded in our DNA to be that way.” 

Despite already amassing a significant following, KruddTheGuru remains committed to evolving his sound and expanding his fanbase. “Building more bonds and getting real support from the people will take you a long way,” confesses the rapper. 

The emerging talent’s impressive rise in the music industry is a testament to his talent and dedication. Krudd’s previous releases include the EP, ItTakesAVillage, featuring the highly-streamed track, “INeed$,” and his 9-track album, Kruddys Laboratory, which showcases hits like “FuturisticCowboy” and “i wrote my $ins down.” 

Listen to “LifesAMess” here:

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