Kwazi Cort – Trapstar II [Video]

Self-confessed pioneer of ‘Grock’ music, Kwazi Cort raises eyebrows on the otherworldly, colourful and cinematic ’Trapstar II’. An enigmatic figure with bundles of creativity and self-confidence, Kwazi borrows from a wide range of genres on the track and his whole discography. Grock uses funkadelic and pop tendencies with characteristics of modern UK rap sub-genres such as grimy flows and the ferocity of drill. Additionally using elements of rock and disco, as well as drawing heavily from the Pan-African movement, this is a song you will have heard nothing like. 

With the range of instrumentation, from distorted guitars and a lively bass line, the soulful groove of the beat sounds directly out of the late 1970s. Kwazi’s technical, sharp flows match the beat surprisingly well, and the lyricism is playful and well written, switching between irony and deeper meaning. The chorus is dramatic and bearing, with the pop sensibilities in his music really coming out, and some powerful female backing vocals adding some depth and melody to the palette.

This track may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is a courageous and entertaining approach to modern music. I’m interested to see where Kwazi Cort is headed, and if he can refine and improve Grock music in order to find mass appeal. He’s definitely got a new fan in me. 

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