Kyle Kuzma Roasts Pelicans Fans For Treatment Of Anthony Davis

Kuzma makes a pretty great point.

Last night was a huge game for the Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans as it marked the first time Anthony Davis was back in NOLA to play against his former team. People were waiting to see how he would be treated by the fans and we quickly got our answer as . Every time he touched the ball, Pelicans would treat him with absolute disrespect and as soon as he passed the ball off, they would go back to normal. Despite this treatment, he ended up finishing with 41 points in a close, 114-110 victory.

After the game, Davis’ teammate Kyle Kuzma was asked about all of the boos which led to a pretty funny answer. As Kuzma explains, wasn’t the one who should have been booed last night, especially when you consider how many points he was able to drop.

“New Orleans fans should probably boo their own team for letting him get 40,” Kuzma told reporter Bill Oram.

The next time these two teams play will be interesting, especially the game in Los Angeles. Josh Hart, Lonzo Ball, and Brandon Ingram will all be looking to exact revenge on their former team. These dramatics are why we watch basketball in the first place so we’ll definitely be tuned in for that one.

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