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Kylie Jenner & Jaden Smith Spark Rumors Post-Travis Split With Butt-Grab Photo

Some fans find it suspicious that the day before Kylie and Travis broke up, Jaden Smith was feeling her up.

It’s beginning to be a little difficult to follow everything that’s happening in Kardashianland right now after Kylie Jenner split up with her boyfriend of two years, . . . , . Now, a photo taken the day prior to Travis & Kylie’s split is coming back to bite Ky in the behind.

Years ago, and Kylie Jenner were romantically linked and while their bond never led anywhere, some people are speculating that they could be inching toward a real relationship now. Both of the stars were present at ‘s wedding to Hailey Bieber over the week and a photo of them dancing together caused some controversy because of the placement of Jaden’s hands. Instead of resting his arms on the small of her back, Jaden grabbed a stronghold of her famous booty, which is what’s causing fans to freak out. As of right now, this is all simply fan speculation. As Kylie said earlier today, everything on the internet is made out to be way more dramatic than it actually is. So, in this case, what do you believe? Is she messing around with ? Jaden? Or nobody? Who knows at this point…

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