Late night and early mornings is the motto for rising star Fully Top Dolla

unnamed-1-21 Late night and early mornings is the motto for rising star Fully Top Dolla

The Bronx NY native emerges as one of the rap game’s best kept secret. In 2014 Fully Top Dolla started his label GMG Mafia ENT. GMG stands for “Get Money Gang” and Mafia stands for “Music And Family Is All” and that is his top motto. Fully Top Dolla recently dropped a new single titled “Night Till Morning.” Another single to check out is “Do You” that can be found on his EP, Loud Music on the Second Floor. Fully Top Dolla makes his presence known with his own Caribbean flavor and upbeat tempo that clearly defines music to your ears. 

Fully Top Dolla Moved to America at 13 years old. Growing up in uptown NY, Fully Top Dolla learned the music industry at a young age. His dad was a musician in Jamaica and Fully Top Dolla would always tag along to the studio at 6 years old.  His creative genius brings an out of the box experience to the genre of “Hip-Hop” music. Before rapping, he used to be a Jamaican “Dance hall’ artist. While In America Fully Top Dolla learned to speak the American accent to further his rap career. He grew up skateboarding and hanging with people of different races and cultures.

Early in his career, Fully Top Dolla has worked with Jr Reid and Teddy Riley on writing production. Currently Fully Top Dolla has released two Independent studio albums called “The New Uptown” and “The Process”. He’s now business partners with multi platinum super producer (Sonny Beats). All of his experience has led him to be on track as one of the music industry’s greatest hidden gems.

In the future Fully Top Dolla wants to solely focus on building his brand as a household name and becoming a music mogul. His biggest inspiration is God and life experiences. Fully Top Dolla prides himself on trying to be a better person and being prepared for his mistakes. “I’m not perfect, just trying to be a better me”. – Fully Top Dolla

Some of his musical influences are Lil’ Wayne, 50 cent, and Kanye west. Fully Top Dolla’s music puts his fans in a fun vibe to approach the day, with his feel-good music style. His EP has received 700k streams and counting. 

One day, his name will be known worldwide. Until then, stream his music on your favorite music platform. The time is now!

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