Lauren London Shares Inspirational Nipsey Hussle Post About "Twitter Bangers"

Lauren London took to her Instagram Story to share a message Nipsey Hussle wrote about ignoring drama and building a legacy.

It’s been a little over one year since  was fatally shot in Los Angeles and those who admired him continue to mourn his loss. It’s reported that the trial of Eric Holder, the man accused of shooting and killing Nipsey Hussle on March 31, 2019, will soon arrive. The trial is expected to take over airwaves and social media, but until those days come,  that shares wisdom from the love of her life.

Millions have been inspired by Nipsey’s work ethic, community building, and words of wisdom. Lauren London took to Instagram earlier today to revisit a message that that spoke directly to people wasting their time arguing with one another online. According to Nipsey Hussle, their talents and skills can be used elsewhere, specifically toward building their own empires that can help those around them.

“Message to u Twitter bangers:  and playin internet games aint doin Nothin for y’all rep,” the late rapper wrote in a caption. “Get some money. Put yo family in positions. Put yo homies in position. And then come bac around as evidence that these Yung n*ggas under you can do the same.” Check out the Instagram post below and let us know if you think Nipsey Hussle was speaking truths.

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