Leading Graphic Designer Gossett Brown Is Trailing The Industry With His Unique Style Of Art

image0-13 Leading Graphic Designer Gossett Brown Is Trailing The Industry With His Unique Style Of Art

There is no doubt about it, the times as we know it are changing, and with them, so is the music industry that we know and love. In unexpected ways, possibilities for work are emerging. Now, it is much easier to pursue your dreams and create the ideal career for yourself. 

Freelancing in almost every field is one of the most challenging options available to modern-day professionals. I’ve had the pleasure of collaborating and watching one of the industry’s leading Graphic Designers in the music business, Gossett Brown emerge. Recently, the multi-talented graphic designer chopped it up with Digital Buzz Now and they touched on great topics regarding graphic design and freelancing within the entertainment industry. 

With freelancing being one of the most exciting forms of entrepreneurship possible today, we are all definitely interested to hear his take on things. Check out the interview below! 

What’ s the hardest part of being an entrepreneur?

GB: “I guess the hardest part is the politics. Everything is based on relationships, good healthy ones. There’s so many people with hidden agendas that pull sneaky moves behind the scenes but there’s also good people out there that genuinely like seeing others come up. I think creating a solid network you can trust is the hardest part.”

As any entrepreneur knows, with great risk comes great success. Gossett Brown understands that saying all too well. When asked what his favorite part was about being a freelancer in the business, he states that it is the freedom of working with as many creatives as possible.

“Besides creating art, my favorite part is being able to work with multiple genres in the music industry as well as other pockets in the entertainment industry.”

As one of the top digital illustrators and designers collaborating with a variety of emerging and established artists, Gossett Brown is really making a name for himself. He has previously collaborated with some big names in the music industry, such as Lil Boosie (on a billboard displayed in Times Square), Spice1 and MC Eiht. Also, he recently finished up his collaboration with Purple Cloud for clothing apparel that’s flooding the streets of Saint Petersburg all the way to Miami. 

Staying consistent, he continues to work with several up-and-coming musicians, who are still working to break through and win over a strong yet solid fanbase. Which makes Brown’s work all the more exciting. He enjoys working with artists who are progressing and being able to get access to great talent before they go mainstream. 

IMG_6538 Leading Graphic Designer Gossett Brown Is Trailing The Industry With His Unique Style Of Art

He is also working on the publication of his very first comic book, titled “Plug I Trust.” Even with all of his accolades and accomplishments at such a young age, Gossett is still a genuine and down to earth person. When asked, if he had any advice for young entrepreneurs just starting out, to which he gave the humbling reply:

“I’m starting out myself, so the most important advice is to study. Find podcasts that focus on your industry, watch interviews and pay attention to everything happening right now so you can be ahead with your plans.”

Before checking out some of his dope creations, Gossett had a few words of wisdom. He cautioned that in anything you do, there are no shortcuts. That it’s a misconception that before you even begin, you need to get off the table. Ultimately, Gossett Brown left the world with a positive approach to good freelancing, and we’re grateful for his time.

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