LeBron James Angrily Rips His Teammates For Jogging: Watch

LeBron needs a bit more effort from his teammates.

LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers have been phenomenal this season and coming into yesterday’s game against the Dallas Mavericks, they had a record of 17-2. Luka Doncic ended up sinking the Lakers ship as he went off and gave them a huge win against the league’s best team. The Lakers struggled throughout the second half and eventually, they were down by over 20 points heading into the last quarter. Effort seemed to be a big issue for the Lakers and at one point in the second quarter, LeBron let his team know they weren’t going hard enough.

In the clip below, LeBron scores a basket at the buzzer and immediately calls his team over to give them a few words. He appears to be yelling at them for jogging up the court as opposed to putting in a full effort. Everyone has a smile on their face which leads us to believe the anger was somewhat tongue in cheek. 

Clearly, LeBron’s pep talk didn’t really work because the team ended up losing. When you’re on a ten-game winning streak, it can be quite difficult to keep up your pace so it’s not surprising they lost. The Mavericks are looking like a team that could do some serious damage this season and the Lakers finally ran into a hot hand.

LeBron and company are going to need to buckle down defensively if they want any shot at going far in the playoffs.

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