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LeBron James Didn’t Coerce Lakers Into Hiring Frank Vogel: Report

“Anyone who erroneously believed James was influencing the coach hire can drop that notion,” writes ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

As per Brian Windhorst, LeBron James didn’t have a hand in the Lakers’ selection of Frank Vogel as their  Just when it seemed as though the Lakers were in no rush to field a replacement to the outgoing Luke Walton, a series of dominoes  forcing their decision. For one, Tyronn Lue talks broke down when the ex-Cavaliers’ coach felt slighted by the 3-year contract he was offered, which in his mind insinuated that he was only a coveted entity so long as LeBron remained with the franchise.

LeBron James Didn't Coerce Lakers Into Hiring Frank Vogel: Report

Jason Miller/Getty Images

As a result of those talks breaking down, Lakers made arrangements for an interview with Vogel, which ultimately ended with him accepting the head coaching role, with Jason Kidd included on his support staff (as an associate coach). According to Brian Windhorst, none of these domino chips were enforced by a controlling LeBron James. “Anyone who erroneously believed James was influencing the coach hire can drop that notion,” he wrote in an op-ed titled “All the challenges facing Frank Vogel, LeBron and the Lakers.” 

Windhorst is a reputable source of inside scoop, I’ll give him that. Mind you, I find it difficult to buy into that narrative without a little more exposition. Lue was clearly LeBron James’ first choice. Given his position as a sworn Tyronn Lue ally, you can rest assured LeBron James providing us the details on how the recruitment process actually went down.

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