LeBron James Dreams Of Wakanda During Coronavirus Shutdown

LeBron James has reached a whole new level of boredom now that the NBA season has been put on hold.

By now, everyone knows that the NBA season has been put on hold and . NBA players are already bored out of their minds in light of the shutdown and some of the best players in the world are trying to give their fans some content to tide them over while they wait this pandemic out. As you can imagine,  with his family.

Last night, LeBron took to Twitter and addressed his fans. In the tweet below, LeBron explains that him and the rest of “James Gang” are off to Wakanda until further notice. For the uninitiated or let’s face it, downright ignorant, Wakanda is the fictional place from the Black Panther movies.

It’s unclear what LeBron exactly meant by the tweet but I’m sure he will be remaining in Los Angeles while this whole thing washes over. Some are saying that the NBA would only be able to resume in June which is a best case scenario. For NBA fans, this is absolutely torturous. Regardless, it’s the best course of action to make sure this thing doesn’t spread any further.

Let us know what you guys have been up to during the quarantine, in the comments below.

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