LeBron James Reacts To Michael Jordan’s First Retirment

LeBron James was only a child when Michael Jordan decided to call it quits the first time.

LeBron James was doing what most of us  With no sports on TV, the only thing to watch these days is Netflix and the new docuseries about and his incredible career with the Chicago Bulls. During Episode 7, the documentary focused heavily on MJ’s first retirement from the NBA and how it came shortly after the death of his father. Jordan wanted to go play baseball and it was clear that his heart just wasn’t in the game of basketball anymore.

When Jordan announced his retirement, millions of people across the country had tuned in to watch the announcement. It was a pretty devastating blow to the basketball world and a young LeBron James had to watch his idol give up the sport he had been so successful in. On Twitter, James harkened back to his childhood and reminisced about how he felt at the time.

LeBron’s disbelief is a feeling that was echoed by millions around the world. Eventually, Jordan did come back to the NBA and won three more championships, much to the delight of LeBron.

Needless to say, we can’t wait for the final two episodes which are going to debut next Sunday.

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