Leon Thomas Shows Love To SZA, Sets The Record Straight On “Snooze” Collaboration

In a heartwarming revelation at his sold-out show in Los Angeles, Leon Thomas took a moment to express his admiration for fellow artist SZA. And set the record straight regarding their collaborative track “Snooze.” Amidst the cheers of the crowd, Thomas clarified that he didn’t write the hit song but played a crucial role as a co-producer. Addressing the audience, Thomas acknowledged the online chatter surrounding his involvement in “Snooze,” emphasizing, “There’s been a lot of people saying online that I wrote ‘Snooze’ and that is incorrect. I co-produced that.” The clarification aims to dispel any misconceptions about the creative process behind the popular track, affirming Thomas’s contribution as a co-producer.

However, the moment didn’t stop at the correction. Thomas went on to shower praise on SZA, recognizing her as one of the most influential black female songwriters of their generation. “I wanna give love to one of the most beautiful black female songwriters of our generation, SZA, Solana I love you,” he continued. “I wanna give you your flowers,” he said. Expressing deep appreciation for SZA’s artistic ability.

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Leon Thomas Performs “Snooze”

Moreover, the acknowledgment serves as a reminder of the importance of recognizing and celebrating the achievements of artists. Particularly within the context of collaboration. In an industry often marred by misinformation and speculation, Thomas’s candid words underscore the significance of giving credit where it is due and fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect among creatives. Meanwhile, “Snooze,” is one of SZA’s most popular and beloved tracks. Not too long ago, she linked with Justin Bieber for an acoustic rendition of the track.

As the music community continues to evolve, moments like these contribute to the narrative of support and acknowledgment. Leon Thomas’s public declaration not only clarifies the dynamics of his collaboration with SZA. But also highlights the camaraderie and appreciation that exist within the realm of music creation. It’s a testament to the power of recognizing and celebrating the talents of fellow artists, creating a positive and collaborative space within the industry. Are you still streaming “Snooze?” Let us know on HNHH!

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