LHHH's Lyrica Anderson Trashes K. Michelle's New Booty in Savage Post

It doesnt take K. Michelle long to get back on her bull. Just a short while after kicking her newly body-positive image, the reality TV star and R&B singer is getting into it on Twitter with another Love & Hip-Hop cast member. She went back and forth with Lyrica Anderson over producer A1 Bentley.

Clearly things went left at a recent taping, and nobody is happy about it.

Please call petty wap. I know he broke a nail. He is mad at me genuinely because I fered a great manicurist who is reasonably available to him. Lil A1 sauce mad cause he dont got the drip! Michelle wrote. So is he running long horn or LA? I always try to help people. Lil A1 saucy b***h.”

Lyrica jumped in and took shots at K. Michelles new old body.

You mad lil bro, she wrote. “Pick that saggy booty back up h*e!

She continued on, saying that K. Michelle was an unhinged fraud who was desperate for attention.

“F**k @kmichelle lil Lyin B***h ! N keep A1 out your tweets ! WE KNOW. You havent been taking your meds babyyyyyy, she said. This b***h a full fraud dnt go for her nice tweets she a whole evil demon n tryna come out here f n wit ppl for no reason #F**kKmichelle. I saved her show that she couldnt sell her own tickets for. I flew myself out and got my hotel I did her a favor and didnt want to ! She want everybody to know she filming … pinched nose finally back on tv for the 100th season and tryna bully ppl! Tf She lied to yall That ass the exact same HUGE and droopy ?! She got that NOSE pinched tho looking like a clothes pin holding that B***h!