Lil Baby Decimated By Twitter After Previewing New Song

Lil Baby has been hit with quite a bit of slander as of late. Overall, much of this has to do with the fact that his tour is experiencing a lack of ticket sales. Although he is one of the best streaming artists right now, he can’t seem to sell out an arena tour. Many have attributed this to the fact that the tickets are too expensive. However, some believe it is because the artist doesn’t put on a good enough stage show to warrant such large venues. Either way, it has led to various date cancelations.

Furthermore, The Kid LAROI just dropped out of the tour, which is another huge blow. Ultimately, this is becoming a disaster, and things only got worse for Lil Baby on Tuesday. This is because the artist shared a new song preview on social media, that immediately went viral. With Baby’s status in the game being heavily debated, fans were quick to judge the new track. As you will hear below, the song is very much in the same vein as Baby’s other tracks. Consequently, fans were less than amused.

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Lil Baby Shares New Snippet

The tweet above has over 6,000 quote tweets and just 9,000 likes. Although it may not be the most brutal ratio, it is still indicative of just how much people were not feeling this music. If you were to go to the quote tweets right now, you would see a whole lot of hate. For instance, one tweet compared Lil Baby’s trajectory to that of DaBaby and Roddy Ricch. Additionally, some said that Gunna should be glad that he was cut off by Lil Baby and others.

Twitter Goes In

Twitter user @big_business_ wrote, “Nothing worse than when you see your favorites trying to find a single to stick.” Another said. “Gunna being cut off by them was really a blessing in disguise lol being associated with this sinking ship wouldn’t benefit him at all.” These are all harsh critiques and certainly feel like an exaggeration. That said, let us know what you think of the new song preview, in the comments section below.

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