Lil Baby’s Girlfriend, Jayda Cheaves, Fetches His Birthday Gift From Money Counter

Making sure his pockets are always full.

Tomorrow (Dec. 3) is ‘s birthday, but he got the celebrations started over the weekend. On Sunday night, he hosted a private bowling party, writing on Instagram “If You kno You Good Hit Me For The Invite.” Afterwards, the public was welcomed to turn up with Lil Baby party at the Atlanta nightclub, Republic. While the YSL rapper only detailed the locations of his celebrations on social media, , gave a peak of what went on inside the night’s affairs. 

Jayda showed that she knows her man by gifting him his favorite thing: money. She pulled $25,000 out of a money counter (that I assume was brought to the club for this purpose) to prove that he was receiving a rack for every year that he has graced this Earth. The machine was decorated with a bedazzled 4PF logo, representing Lil Baby’s “4 Pockets Full” clique in Atlanta’s Zone 4. Jayda gave him the perfect give to ensure that he stays true to this motto, even though . Considering how good Jayda is to him, it makes sense that .

Another notable part of the evening was the couple’s outfits (). Jayda provided a “details cam” on IG that showed off her diamond-encrusted barrettes that read ‘WAYDA’ and ‘MILF’. The rest of her getup, which included a matching set of jacket and shorts, was courtesy of Louis Vuitton. She coordinated with Lil Baby, who rocked a leather LV coat. 

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