Lil Nas X Denies Stealing "Rodeo" From Accusing Music Producers

Lil Nas wants the New York federal court to dismiss the case.

2020 has started out rather eventful for Lil X, he became a two-time , starred in a , and even found . However, with all the success he’s had over the past year, he has also run into some pretty major disputes. Last year, the performer was sued by music producers Brandon Lee (Don Lee) and Glen Keith DeMeritt III alongside for alleged  Now, Lil Nas X is attempting to get the New York federal court to dismiss the lawsuit entirely in newly filed legal documents obtained by The Blast

According to Brandon Lee and Glen Keith DeMeritt III, the producer originally composed the music for a song entitled, “gwenXdonlee4-142,” but later incorporated the track into another song entitled, “Broad Day,” by PuertoReefa & Sakrite Duexe. Brandon Lee claims that his song shares a similar tempo, musical elements, and chord progressions as “Rodeo” and was released before Lil Nas X and Cardi B’s rendition of the song. 

In the recently filed court documents by Lil Nas X and his legal team, he claims that he was unaware of the producers’ composition, reveals that “Rodeo” was independently constructed, and denies any and all allegations of any wrongdoing in regards to the original lawsuit. Lil Nas X’s statement reads:

“The work, Rodeo, was created independently from and without knowledge of the allegedly infringed work. The musical elements from ‘gwenXdonlee4-142’ supposedly used in Rodeo are neither original to Plaintiffs nor copyrightable subject matter.”

The 20-year-old and his team closed out their statement saying:

“Without admitting the use of any copyrighted material allegedly owned by Plaintiffs, the conduct of which they complain was impliedly and/or expressly licensed.”

“Broad Day” and “Rodeo” do share a lot of similarities and including similar instrumental components. However, there’s no telling how this will play out in court without any significant proof that the production was legitimately stolen by Lil Nas X and Cardi B from Brandon Lee. If “Rodeo” was intentionally stolen it has to be frustrating watching  for the upcoming producer. 

Check out the Don Lee and Glen Keith DeMeritt III produced “Broad Day” in the video provided above as well as Lil Nas X x Nas’ “Rodeo” in the video provided below and let us know if you think this producer has a case in the comment section below. 


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