Lil Reese Donates To The Homeless Amid Water-Pouring Scandal

Recently, Lil Reese got himself into some trouble with fans for a clip he posted on his Instagram Story. In the clip, he films as a friend pours his drink onto a homeless man’s head. “Get his a*s, get his a*s,” one man is heard shouting. “Put that b*tch on his head, put that b*tch on his head. F*ck him!”

Social media users were outraged by the senseless act of cruelty, and Lil Reese has since owned up to his mistake. “I would like to apologize to my fans and everybody watching for recording and laughing while they were pouring water on the homeless man in the video,” he wrote today. “I do not condone or support that type of behavior in [any way].” He then went on to reveal plans to donate to the homeless to make up for the incident. “I will be giving away money to the homeless community as well as giving away food, clothes, and water,” he explained, “twice a month going forward.”

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Lil Reese Hands Out Money In Chicago

Many social media users weren’t buying the apology, claiming that he instead owed one to the homeless man from the video. Others questioned whether or not he’d actually be donating to the homeless, calling for him to show proof. Now, Lil Reese has come through with the highly-requested proof that he’s helping his community. In a new clip, the Chicago-born performer is seen passing out money to those in need in his home city.

Unfortunately, It appears as though Lil Reese still can’t escape criticism. Various commenters suggest that he only chose to donate because of the backlash, and wouldn’t have otherwise. With that being said, he was still able to provide help to several people that appeared to appreciate it, which is what’s most important at this point. Keep an eye on HNHH for more updates on Lil Reese.

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