There’s a reason we have implemented an “Antics” category into the mix, especially considering the role social media plays within the hip-hop landscape. Beefs are ignited and intensified, relationships are developed and aired out, even “likes” are placed under a microscope. Over the weekend, rising rapper spent some time engaging in some pretty hefty antics, embroiling himself into a beef with Don Q and — — .

Lil Tjay Apologizes For Losing Control

 Prince Williams/Wireimage/Getty Images

It all seemed to stem from a chain-snatching that allegedly saw Tjay nabbing a Highbridge chain from one of Don Q’s associates, though A later claimed the chain had been lost a “long ass time ago” in an unrelated incident. Perhaps A Boogie’s disappointed tone was enough to open Tjay’s eyes to the error of his ways, as the young rapper recently took to Instagram to issue an apology for his behavior — while he didn’t exactly offer up specifics or name names, he did appear to be sincere for the time being. 

“Today’s a new day man, I’m chillin’,” he admits. “I don’t feel like arguing with anybody today. Real shit though, I swear I’m going back to the old Lil Tjay. This is why I’m not posting a lot, cause I can’t control myself. Start getting out of hand and shit. My fault for getting out of composure. May 8th, State Of Emergency Mixtape be dropping.”

Check out Tjay’s apology below, and sound off – should rappers prioritize music over antics at all times? Or do you quietly appreciate the extra-curricular activities that tend to transpire on social media?