Lil Tjay Blasts Anyone Defending 6ix9ine: "Get The F*ck Outta The Culture"

Lil Tjay has had enough of people defending 6ix9ine after the rapper shared why he decided to cooperate with federal officials.

No matter what he’s done, continues to defend the decisions he’s made. After choosing to turn federal informant against his friend and Nine Trey Gangsta Blood associates, 6ix9ine has been able to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. He justified his behavior during a recent Instagram Live where he listed the reasons why he took the stand, but  have shared their disapproval of the rapper’s reintegration into hip hop upon his release from prison.   and on Instagram Live, he criticized anyone sticking up for 6ix9ine.

“If you f*ck with 6ix9ine music, suck my d*ck,” he said in the clip. “Tired of being phony. I was phony for like two years, trying to be a extra perfect n*gga for the world.” also spoke about 6ix9ine sharing why he decided to cooperate with the government. “Bro, one thing you gotta remember about this whole 6ix9ine sh*t, bro when you explaining something from one perspective, you’re gon’ win. At least to civilians ’cause I can’t even…I don’t know what the f*ck that n*gga was talkin’ ’bout. You can’t do all that and try to justify snitchin’. N*ggas think he did the right thing. Y’all n*ggas is some…Get the f*ck outta this culture. Stay in your lane.” Watch the video below.

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