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Lil Uzi Vert Drops New Fit Pics Rather Than New Album

Lil Uzi Vert posts another fit pic on Instagram.

Uzi is back on Instagram and fans are mesmerized by both his style and beauty but mostly, they are wondering where the new album is. In a new post, he can be seen with a Chanel belt, Prada shoes, and a Goyard bag. He is standing next to what one fan describes as an “armored vehicle.”

Perhaps he is trying to distract fans with his good looks. One user was enchanted enough to comment “The level of prettiness uzi has is unreachable to any other human.”  The trick, however, was lost on most. “Bro im deadass gon jump out a building if u dont drop EA this month” remarked one fan. Another added, “Alright man this is getting real old drop the album already.”

His fit pics won’t be enough to distract fans much longer. Luckily for fans, he’s appeared on ’s Delusions of Grandeur and dropped a song entitled “Slayerr” with . TM88   Earlier this month, , but that has proven to be untrue. It looks like fans will have to keep waiting for any new word of Eternal Atake. At least there are fit pics to keep you sated. 

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