Lil Uzi Vert Says He’s Not On Good Terms With Playboi Carti

The bromance is in shambles.

Promises of a and Mind you, both Playboi Carti and are extremely allusive characters, both musically and in their online presence. However, there might be a bigger reason as to why we haven’t seen the two kicking it too frequently these days.

F, Lil Uzi Vert continued to air out a few other issues including the status of his relationship with Playboi Carti. After a fan if he was on good terms with Playboi Carti, he said, “No.” Although he initially left it at that, he told revealed that he just “took another route.”

Uzi also dished on his relationship with Maaly Raw, the man behind some of his early hits. The rapper revealed that the two are no longer cool either because apparently, Maaly tried to run off with a really big bag. “MAALY RAW A SNAKE 2 …. he tried to run off wit 20,000 back in the G wonder what that turned into,” he wrote.

It’s unclear what prompted Uzi’s Twitter rant but he did mention that he didn’t eat. Although we can’t help but think that he’s speaking his truth, there’s gotta be a bit of hanger mixed in there. 

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