Lil Uzi Vert Tells "Rolling Loud" Crowd He Is Dropping New Music "In 3 Days"

Uzi then stopped for affect once again, before excusing himself for “being in his feelings lately,” in other words for being less active on the scene. The crowd was probably split on how to respond, albeit positively, so they just let off a giant wall of sound. Uzi, exalted by the support, proceeded to count down 1 to 3, in spelling the numbers before he promises to release new music. With that, the already spirited group of spectators brought their volume level to yet another plateau. If you continue the video, you’ll find a couple over stopovers along the way. Uzi knows how to tease a crowd into wanting more.

Lil Cezer & J10 – Rabbit Wit The Gun (Mixtape)