Lil Wayne Thought "Wheezy Outta Here" Tag Was Future Shouting Him Out

Lil Wayne admitted that when he heard producer Wheezy’s “Wheezy Outta Here” tag at the beginning of rap songs, he thought Future was just always shouting him out.

We need to protect at all costs because he’s an international treasure. The acclaimed rapper has been entertaining fans with his newly formed  Radio podcast as he chats with and shares stories from his career. In a recent episode, Lil Wayne shares a funny bit about his love for certain producer tags that are mentioned at the beginning of rap songs. He shared that when he used to hear ” Outta Here,” a tag used by producer-songwriter Wheezy, he thought people were giving him shout outs.

Lil Wayne Thought "Wheezy Outta Here" Tag Was Future Shouting Him Out
Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff / Getty Images

The Neighborhood Talk shared a clip of Young Money Radio where Weezy revealed that he believed “Wheezy” was about him. “That’s my favorite tag. I don’t know why that’s my favorite tag, but that’s my favorite tag,” Lil Wayne said. “, too, so send me some beats, Wheezy Outta Here.” Then he playfully hesitates about telling his funny story. “I ain’t even gonna tell you… First of all, I thought when I first heard that—like I told y’all, I don’t know nothin’ ’bout nothin’, so when I first heard those beats, those songs with ‘Wheezy Outta Here,’ I just thought that was shouting me out every time.”

Lil Wayne couldn’t help but see the humor at his own expense and interrupted his thought by laughing at his mistake. “Call me vain, I don’t know what you gon’ call me,” he added while chuckling. . You know I gotta ask Mack everything. I had to ask Mack, ‘Why that n*gga Future keep shouting me out on people’s songs and they ain’t even talking about me on the song!” Watch Weezy make his hilarious admission below.

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