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Lil Xan Responds To Waka Flocka Flames Call To Have Him Banned From Hip Hop

Waka Flocka Flame has called for Lil Xan to be banned from Hip Hop following the California rappers recent comments about 2Pac.

During an interview with REVOLTfrom February, Xan called 2Pacs music boring and later ranked him a shaky two out nine based on clout and influence.

After catching wind Xans comments, Waka Flocka FlamehitTwitter on Tuesday evening (March 6) to call out the controversial 21-year-old.

Waka later explained why he finds it upsetting to see 2Pac disrespected.

T.I. also appeared to co-sign Wakas thoughts after commenting, So be it on Instagram.

Xan, who had previously responded to those upsetabout his 2Pac comments and then later said he was done with interviews completely,has now fered a response to Waka Instagram.

Lil Xans not going anywhere, sorry, he said. You gotta look at this ugly face for a lot longer, guys.