Listen: Security Guard's 911 Call Preceding T.I.'s Arrest

TMZ has obtained actual audio from T.I.‘s arrest, more specifically the 911 call that was placed by the security guard posing a barrier to the rapper trying to enter the compound. The Security Guard placed the call from within his “shack” and T.I. can be heard in the background urging him to come out. The Guard tells the 911 operator he is “trapped,” and she asks him if he is armed, if only to assess the danger level. He responds, “No Mam.” 

It’s at this point that T.I.’s shouting becomes the only perceptible noise. The rapper asks the security guard to give up his identity to no response. The security guard frozen by fear, knows full well there is nothing but thin wall separating him from his aggressor. The guard continues to describe the situation as dispatch solemnly finds a first responder, as T.I. intimates his home owner rights to again, no response.

Reports that T.I. was berating the guard seem grossly exaggerated now that footage is available. T.I.’s aggressive tone is interspliced with efforts to reason with the attendant. It doesn’t help that his alcohol levels were super high, his return home always in his general plans. TMZ also retrieved video footage of T.I. at the police station. An officer told him he was “actin’ a fool.” It’s safe to assume that didn’t go over well either.

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