Listen To Chief Moquiuix’ New LP Mass Psychosis Today!

The one and only Chief Moquiuix delights his fans with a new full-length LP called Mass Psychosis and what a treat it is! Home to thirteen unforgettable tracks, the LP holds true to the state of today’s society. The collection was released on St. Valentine’s day and is meant to reflect how the world is knee-deep in a mass psychosis. 

“The wealthy have become wealthier since the beginning of the pandemic. And to me it’s clear to see that when you control the news and the media in general, you control the people. My album is meant to give the masses their own second opinion. A fresh perspective,” the artist said. 

His music is a raw and authentic reflection of his lifestyle and philosophy, instantly setting the tone and atmosphere with a rare brilliance. Everything is on point, but what sticks in the listener ahead is Moquiuix’ epic flow who manages to remain perfectly mastered yet deliver full impact. His words cut like swords while he makes sure his audience knows exactly what to expect when they listen to his music.

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