Lockeland Find Inspiration From Their Parents on ‘Keep Us Young’: Premiere

Lockeland’s harmonies soar on their infectious new single, “Keep Us Young,” which Billboard premieres today (Feb. 13). A vivid story of young love, “Keep Us Young” highlights the country trio’s memorable harmonies alongside delicately plucked banjo parts, a pounding beat and wavering guitar solos.

The song is led by frontman Kyndon Oakes, a Kansas native, and bandmates Michael Boris and Mark Vikingstad from New York. The trio met in Nashville and instantly became friends and musical collaborators, releasing their debut single in March 2019. They co-wrote “Keep Us Young” together.

“The three of us were inspired to pen 'Keep Us Young' as a tribute to our parents, who have all been happily married for 30+ years,” the band tells Billboard. “Strong relationships like theirs serve as an incredible example of how true love can keep couples young at heart.”

Each lyric within the song holds special meaning to the band. “Collin Raye played on a worn out cassette tape/ Love has never felt so free,” they sing. “I grew up on Collin Raye and ’90s country,” Oakes says. “So to me, ’90s country was the definition of love and Collin Raye had some of the best love songs to date.”

For Vikingstad, it's all about the sweeter things in life. He connected with the line, “50 years two straws and a strawberry milkshake/ They’re still laughing so much passion that no one can take.” He says the line encompasses the soul of the whole song. “Here are two lovebirds from the relationship's beginning still acting like kids even after time has gone by. It’s what I hope my wife and I have after 50 years,” he says.

Of the heartfelt love song, bandmate Boris says the chorus resonates with him the most. “Love keep us young/ Wild, crazy and fun/ Keep us falling for each other, may we never lose that hunger/ Love keep us young,” Lockeland sing.

“To me, this song is a prayer. Through the good times and bad, hilltops and valleys, joys and sorrows, this chorus is a reminder to never forget why we chose to love that special someone,” he adds. “Life gets hard and we often take the people we hold most dear to our hearts for granted. But always remember to stay wild, crazy and fun. Pray a lot, don’t sweat the small stuff, stay humble, be quick to forgive and laugh daily. Keep falling for each other and never lose that hunger.” 

Listen to “Keep Us Young” below.