Logic’s “Super Mario World” Actor Responds To Video Controversy

An actor in Logic’s “Super Mario World” video has responded to a woman accusing Logic and his team posing as high school students to avoid paying her non-prit organization for filming at its location.

Carolina Salguero, founder PortSide New York, claims she agreed to allow Logic and his team to film on top a 90-year-old oil tanker for free as she was told it was for a school project.

After the video’s release, however, Salguero realized that Logic was a then 26-year-old artist signed to Def Jam, and not, as she had been told, a student filming a school project. She later asked for a $5,000 donation and despite alleged reassurances from Logic’s team, she has yet to receive anything financially.

George DeNoto, who plays Mario in Logic’s video, took to Twitter on Tuesday morning (January 30) to respond to the situation.

Logic’s “Super Mario World” Actor Responds To Video Controversy

“No one was trying to lie to avoid anything, we all figured it would be funny for the video to act like i was filming a school project,” DeNoto wrote, referencing the end the video where he clearly asks to use the boat “for a summer school project.”

DeNoto goes on to claim that no fee was agreed upon at the time, and that had a payment been requested, they wouldn’t have shot the video there.

“No one there was aware any ‘5000$’ payment to use a boat for 5 minutes. Im sure if that was the case it never would have been used.”

DeNoto appears to suggest they posed as high school students because it was “funny,” and not because they were trying to circumvent any financial costs.

Logic has yet to respond to the controversy.

See DeNoto’s tweet below.