Lola Monroe Speaks On State Of Female Rap

DXHQ – Video-vixen-turned-rapper Lola Monroe recently stopped by #DXLive to guest hostwith Trent Clark and Jake Rohn. The three them covered everything from HipHopDXs Year End Awards to who holds the title the greatest female MC ever.

The Platinum Life star says the game is in a good place right now.

I love the state female rap right now because theres a lot more support, less cattiness and it feels like people are open to more diversity and different female rappers coming into the game, said Monroe, who questioned the hypocrisy that precluded women from reaching the same heights as their male counterparts. Why does one female rapper have to have all these elements and shes the only one that can have that spot? Its not like that with men. Men have all these different rappers. You have the backpack rappers, the gangsta rappers. Women are very diverse. Theres different things that we like. You gotta have space for all these female rappers to represent the different women in the world.

For many female MCs that have come out over the past 25 years there has been a disparity when it comes to femininity with most being marketed as hyper-masculine or hyper-sexual. Lola admits that she shunned her own sexuality in the beginning before embracing it on her later projects.

Were sexual beings. Why would we ever wanna stop being that? I think its important for us to have that and stand by that. Theres nothing wrong with being sexual. Were born that way, noted Monroe. I think I pushed that a little to the side when I first transitioned from video vixen to rapper] because I went so far as a vixen and then diving into Hip Hop I was like I kinda have to do something drastic. At this point I feel like Ive grown as a woman I dont feel I need to prove myself anymore.

Hip Hop isn’t only a significant part Monroes pressional life, it also factors into her life at home, as her boyfriend is Moor Bars MC, King Los. The two have collaborated in the past and according to the Lipstick & Pistols rapper they are planning on doing a project together after their respective solo joints come out.

We will be working on an album together for sure. We already have certain records set aside but right now hes just gonna focus on his stuff, Im gonna focus on my stuff and when the time is right well come together.

Speaking solo projects, Lola debuted her latest video Muva for the #DXLive audience. She says the grittiness the song inspired her to make the video.

My go-to beats are always dark, or they could tell a story or they just pull a certain emotion from you. This one I just take from things Ive been around: codes, street laws, things I came up on and its just a good record I wanted to shoot a video to.

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