Loni Love’s Ex-Friend Confirms Loni Had Tamar Braxton Fired From "The Real"

Loni Love’s former friend and comedy writer confirmed Tamar Braxton’s claims that Loni had her fired from “The Real.”

Loni Love’s former friend and ex-comedy writer, Cookie Hull, has revealed that Tamar Braxton’s suspicions that Loni had her fired from the daytime talk show, The Real, were correct. 

Loni Love's Ex-Friend Confirms Loni Had Tamar Braxton Fired From "The Real"Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

After she was let go from The Real in 2016, always maintained that Loni Love had gone out of her way to get her fired. In September, after , Tamar exposed Loni for getting her fired. She posted screenshots of text messages from an inside source that told her, “So I just found out Lonnie Love was writing letter to get you kicked off the show. She wrote the network.” Tamar responded to this person, pointing out, “I told everyone that it was her no one wanted to believe me.” Her source wrote back that she had “got confirmation” on Tamar’s beliefs since a “person who wrote and worked for her is spilling all the tea.” In the caption of the post,

At the time, , “Who writes letters? Who sent this? …let’s talk it out…stop going on every other show. You know you want to…and bring ya man!” However, the “person who wrote and worked for” Loni that was “spilling all the tea” appears to have been revealed, as Cookie has indeed spilled on the whole situation. Cookie alleges that Loni absolutely plotted to get Tamar fired, because “she wanted to be the only ghetto one” on the show. According to Cookie, Loni pointed out to the network that “if [Tamar] missed 52 tapings” to film Dancing With The Stars, “and the ratings didn’t change or didn’t get any better, they really didn’t need her.” Cookie said that Loni also “pointed out the fact that if Tamar got hurt on DWTS, that she would be a liability. I know she didn’t specifically get her fired, but she was influencing things.”

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