Lord Apex – UK Shit [Stream]

Photo Credit:  Jack Cullis

Photo Credit: Jack Cullis

Lord Apex is an artist that stays active. Since releasing a collaborative album with Hip-Hop artist and Beatmaker Bushi Vibes from NY in January this year, he is back again with new track ‘UK Shit’, the first single off his new album ‘Supply & Demand’. 

This fast-paced and energetic rap anthem produced by V Don honours the city of London where the first line opens with “Apex Apex tell em where you’re from UK shit” in a bid to elevate the area where he’s from. The track alternates between a steady chorus and rapid bars and bridges, all over a looping string instrument sample. The eerie sounding track comes as a warning to remind people where Apex is from and how he claims it. With subtle grime elements within the track, it definitely brings vibes of confidence and assurance from the artist himself. 

Lord Apex is a rapper from London who is on a continuous steady rise in the underground UK Lo-Fi Hip-Hop scene. Since emerging from the shadows into a very well respected artist, Apex has constantly brought out interesting and well produced beats since his very successful solo albums 2017s ‘Interplanetary Funk’ and 2019s ‘Smoke Sessions, Vol. 2’. 

“SSV3 otw but a EP or 2 first” his Spotify bio says. This go-getter wastes no time in presenting all of his genius in as many ways as it takes, whether it is through collaborative albums, features or when he releases his next impressive solo album.    

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