Lord Payback Makes a Remarkable Comeback With New Tracks

Lord Payback�s been consistently killing the game with each one of his releases. After straying away from his previous team, he was quiet for a bit but came back stronger than ever and fans were utterly excited. He’s gearing up to release his forthcoming project, in the near future and launched a series of tracks in anticipation. Today, the rapper gets in his bag for his latest creations.


The rapper’s latest effort finds him flexing his lyrical prowess over a thumping beat. He even makes it clear that he isn’t playing with anyone in the rap game this year. His initial single �Here I Come� is a basic introduction that lets the world know he is resurrected from the dead and is here to claim what is his. The next single �Payback� tells some of the story of what happened in the past and lets his adversaries know that he has not forgotten anything and his success will be his revenge. �Get Sexy With Me� is the last track on our list, but the track was initially released back in 2012 under his old stage name �Mono Bagends.� Lord Payback is getting ready to release his new creations in the upcoming months. Keep your eyes peeled for his next drop.



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