Lorde Apologizes For Mocking Whitney Houston's Death

Lord, Lord, Lorde. The 21-year-old singer might be a pop sensation, but she made one of the most offensive moves of her career earlier this week. Lorde is apologizing to fans after posting an offense picture on Instagram, which has since been deleted. In the post, Lorde took a picture of a bathtub that is being filled with water. She captioned the post “And iiii will always love you.” The quote is a reference to Houston’s most recognizable hit record  “I Will Always Love You,” but the picture of the bathtub is where Lorde really messed up. The late singer was found dead in a Beverly Hills hotel room immersed in the bathtub in 2012. 

“Extremely extremely poorly chosen quote,” Lorde wrote on social media. “I’m so sorry for offending anyone — I hadn’t even put this together I was just excited to take a bath. I’m an idiot. Love Whitney forever and ever. Sorry again.” Although Lorde’s apology does seem genuine, and everybody can relate to falling in love with a hot bath after a hard day of work, it seems highly unlikely that Lorde was ignorant to the circumstances of Houston’s death. Whether it was a mistake or not, it was still a horribly impolite and discourteous move. 

Rest in peace Whitney. 


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