Louis Culture – Smile Soundsystem [Stream]

Hailing from Battersea, Louis Culture is recognised as a figurehead of the UK’s underground alternative Hip-Hop scene. The South West Londoner has had a successful track record of singles and collaborations with the likes of Lava La Rue, Finn Foxell, Lord Apex and p-rallel. Following releases earlier this year, Louis delivers his debut project, ‘Smile Soundsystem’. 

The overall project presents a distinctive vibe fusing numerous genres such as Garage, Hip-Hop and modern electronic instruments creating an unmistakable sound. Sonically he explores a variety of sounds escaping any potential boundaries, it’s evident that he had complete freedom during the creative process. Evidently, Louis chose some well-calculated guest features for the tape including a powerful chorus from Master Peace on Britannia.

First Date begins with an alluring vocal from Poppy Billingham, which is handed over to Louis who gives an honest passage addressing his life living in London. This is the first installation of the smooth, confident rap flow which he possesses. The running theme of the project sees Louis tackle Black Britain and growing up in the EU.

You don’t know what we escaped you must have missed it
Why you bring a kitchen outside of the kitchen?
It don’t matter kids will do broad daylight dippin’
So we must appreciate the life we live in

Culture had a large part to play in the production throughout the project, as well as calling on PULLEN, Fredwave and Ben Behesty to enhance the direction combining lo-fi techno and hip-hop. ‘Smile Soundsystem’ is a great introduction to the wonderful creative world of Louis Culture, if you don’t know, get to know!