Love & Hip Hop' Stars Give Birth to Child

Between Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood and all the drama it brings, the show’s stars seemingly need amazing time management skills to squeeze in space for anything else. However, Ray J found time for the important things. Late last year, the “Sexy Can I” singer shared that he was on his way to be dad.

“Let me just tell you something about love,” he said while chatting with the hosts of The Real in the fall of 2017. “Love is on my mind. Love is in my heart. Princess and I are expecting.”

Fast forward to 2018, Princess and Ray have welcomed their daughter into the world.

In an Elevator

Love & Hip Hop' Stars Give Birth to Child

Source: Instagram @rayj

The reality star said he and Princess kept their exciting news a secret for quite a while because they were superstitious about announcing the pregnancy too early.

“It’s such a blessing from God to be able to carry our child,” Princess wrote on her Instagram at the beginning of her pregnancy. “We kept this to ourselves until after the first trimester because it’s bad luck to announce too early. But we’re so proud to share this journey with you guys. Thank you for all of the love and prayers.“

The couple struggled to conceive a child, something the TV cameras that follow them couldn’t help but highlight. As Princess grew apart from her own family, she felt the need to start a new one. It was a tough-going for the pair, with repeated failed attempts at conception.

However, after the couple was finally gifted the blessing they prayed for, the were bursting with joy and love for nine months.

In April, Princess followed tradition and pulled an April Fool’s trick on her husband-of-two-years, making him believe he was about to be a father earlier than expected. After finishing up a performance, Ray J stood in an elevator with his pregnant wife Princess and a few close compadres. Seconds into the video, viewers can see Ray in the middle of talking before hearing a splash of liquid on elevator the floor.

As the singer turns around, the camera points downwards to show a liquid all over Princess’ clothes. “What was that?” Ray asks, grabbing Princess’ side. “Your water broke?” He continues to flip out, asking what the water breaking meant, what he was supposed to do and if Princess was sure her water broke.

The daddy-to-be then shooed everyone besides Princess out the elevator. “Call 911,” he yelled. “Don’t be lookin’ at my wife’s water.”


After a few more seconds of Ray freaking out, Princess broke into laughter. “April fools,” she said. Ray’s face went stern as everyone began laughing and joking.

“Got @RayJ good after his show last night,” Princess captioned the video. “#APRILFOOLS.”

“Why is this the funniest thing I ever seen – THE MAN SAID DONT BE LOOKIN AT MY WIFES WATER!!! I hollered,” commented an Instagram user. “Lol Ray J didn’t know what to do,” said another.


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All jokes aside, the “One Wish” singer and Princess are now parents. Their little one is a part of the world, being warmly welcomed by the Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood stars.

Ray himself posted a sweet video onto Instagram, letting everyone know that his daughter has arrived.


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