Luke Royalty – I Could Get Used To This ft Sweets [Stream]


Luke Royalty and Sweets exhibit a neoteric, audacious take on alternative hip hop on the inventive and imperative groove on ‘I Could Get Used To This’. Luke Royalty, a singer-songwriter hailing from the North East, blends generic sensibilities of soul, R&B, hip hop and synth-pop music, and integrates them in the format of indie music. This eclectic mix offers the perfect foundation for both Luke’s style of immense chorus’ and retrospective one-liners, as well as Sweets laidback, raspy vocal delivery. On this new cut, the two artists impress with dynamic production, cultured instrumentation and focused writing. 

On the jazz-tinged instrumental, effortless, fluttering keys and hazy electric guitar are united with a snappy drum kit and roaming bass line to devise the tranquil, wandering timbre. The mix is spacious and colourful, creating an ardent sonic landscape that is well suited to the lyrical content. Luke Royalty offers a strong vocal range and nuanced delivery, with each melodic phrase more memorable than the last – climaxing at the soaring, feel-good chorus. Sweets comes through with a cogent feature, bringing astute flows and wholesome delivery, whilst remaining thematically on point. 

Tenacious performances and textural vibrancy ensure the new single from Luke Royalty is a successful release. Check it out.

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