Lyrica Anderson Signs Up For OnlyFans, Shares News With Twerk Video

Lyrica Anderson joins other celebrities and hops on the OnlyFans train and she gave a twerking preview of what fans can expect to see.

We’ve seen the receipts of those OnlyFans quarantine checks and now everyone wants a piece of the pie. The streaming platform has seen quite the increase ever since people were forced indoors, Casanova, , and many other celebrities have opened accounts, and it’s been a lucrative stream of income for all. Not onlyaunch one of her own, as well, but she recently shared that she partnered with the  that follows the sexy stars in front of OnlyFans cameras.

Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star Lyrica Anderson has also singed up for an account, and she gave her social media followers a taste of what they can expect. In a clip she shared to Instagram,, inside of a pool twerking for the camera. “Finna Act A Fool on Only Fans,” she wrote in the caption. “Lemme See Sum right Quick.”

An IG user commented, “U know if u going broke u can put BD on child support,” suggesting Lyrica only added herself to OnlyFans because she’s running low on money. The singer replied, “I’m going Rich ! This jus fun . Don’y be mad Pookie.” There were mixed reactions to this, but you can watch Lyrica shake it fast for yourself below.

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