Mac Miller Leaves Jail With Sweater Over His Head Following DUI Arrest

Mac Miller had a pretty rough morning. The rapper was arrested for a hit-and-run while driving intoxicated. According to reports, the rapper crashed his Mercedes G-Wagon into a pole and then fled the scene. The police went to the scene of the crime and ran the plates on the vehicle which led them to his address. The rapper was jailed earlier today and held on $15K bond. While Mac has since been released, it’s clear that this isn’t the proudest moment of his life.

Mac Miller has been released from jail and of course, TMZ was right there waiting for him as he made his exit. The Divine Feminine rapper’s attempt at being incognito didn’t work out that well for him as he left the jail house with a sweater over his head. The cameraman’s attempt to get him to open up about his legal situation was as unsuccessful as Mac’s attempt to stay low key. He asked him about why he allegedly left the scene of the crime and if his recent behavior had anything to do with his break up with Ariana Grande. The rapper did let out a groan, for whatever that’s worth.

After getting arrested at his home and admitting to drunk driving, sources said, “He was the most polite and nice intoxicated person we’ve ever seen.”

Peep the footage below. 


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