Mac Wetha – Make It Thru [Video]

London beatmaker Mac Wetha has dropped his debut solo EP ‘Make It Thru’ on independent label Dirty Hit Records. 

Mac, who some may recognise as the resident beatmaker for the creative entourage NiNE8Collective, has put together projects for Lava La Rue and Biig Piig, amongst others, all with his renowned “You’re listening to Mac Wetha” producer tag. 

Whilst there are still elements of Hip-Hop present here, early experiences in rock bands and an affiliation with indie rock make it an interesting cocktail of genres that sees Mac vocalise catchy hooks – especially in last months early release ‘REM’. 

As well as this five-track EP, there will be a country wide tour this September with fellow Dirty Hit affiliate beabadoobee in what is a busy year for Mac Wetha, as live music and the creative industries start taking the stage again.

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