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Mack Wilds Chops It Up At 4th Annual Yo Stay Hungry Biggie Day Culinary Competition!

This past Sunday, 5/20, the culinary competition, Yo Stay Hungry, celebrated their 4th annual Biggie Day – a special rendition the competition to celebrate the birthdate Notorious B.I.G., at St. John’s Bread & Life in Brooklyn. Entertainer, Mack Wilds, was in the building as one the guest judges, along with Korsha Wilson, Max Clayman, and A-King. Mack was active throughout the entire event as he surprised the chef coaches and students in the kitchen, getting sneak peaks on the dishes before their presentation. Mack also lent a hand cutting some cilantro for one the teams!

One the many highlights the day was the distribution the “You Got The Juice” which is also tied to the Chef Curry Scholarship, a monetary award given to a qualifying student in order to assist them in their culinary dreams! Check out some the photos below!

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