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Madonna Drops Haunting Teaser For ‘Dark Ballet’ Watch

Madonna took to social media Thursday (June 6) to drop a haunting teaser for her music video for "Dark Ballet," due Friday (June 7). 

The short clip flashes through a series of dark, religious visuals, showing a group of people dressed in black ropes, a person's hands bound by rope and several close-ups of crucifixes. The Queen of Pop herself is shown with a black veil covering her face; as her eyes glance up to the camera, the teaser cuts to black showing only the title of the highly anticipated track. 

"Dark Ballet" is the last of five songs to be released by Madonna from her upcoming album Madame X, slated to drop June 14. The track follows previously released songs "Medellín," "Future," "Crave" and "I Rise." 

Watch the teaser below. 

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