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Mahaji Reveals A Special Hit Titled “Snowing” Featuring Prvnci

Mahaji has just recently revealed a special hit single titled “Snowing,” featuring his best friend Prvnci, and released with animated visuals that beautifully complement the song by adding a valuable imagery to the music. The Brooklyn, NY-based artist collaborated with Kyukai no Kanata for the visuals that currently have several million views.  

Mahaji had to go through a lot during his childhood and despite his young age, but has successfully transformed his traumas into hypnotic tracks that have considerably expanded his following since the beginning of his career. 

When Mahaji was hitting rock-bottom, he finally decided to create, record and release all the “ songs (he) would write but never record and the poetry (he) would write but never speak.”

His collaboration with Prvnci is one of the sources of motivation for Mahaji who describes his friend as a true brother. Keep Mahaji on your radar to stay updated with his new releases and performance schedule.

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