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Man Faces 6 New Charges For Murder Of New York Rapper Buried Under House

Catskill, NY – Carlos Graham, the man accused of murdering New York rapper Brandyn Dayne, has been hit with six new charges during an indictment hearing at Greene County Court in Catskill, New York earlier this month.

Graham is facing charges of second-degree criminal possession of a weapon (a class C felony), third-degree criminal possession of a weapon and third-degree grand larceny (class D felonies), and concealment of a corpse and two counts of tampering with physical evidence (class E felonies).

According to Hudson Valley 360, Foster was found buried underneath a house after being shot in his Catskill home. He was first reported missing on January 27, 2017.

Two other suspects, Sade Knox and Ashton Adams, were allegedly involved in the crime. Greene County District Attorney Joseph Stanzione said, “Sade had a relationship with Carlos Graham behind Brandyn’s back.”

Although no motive has been made public, Graham allegedly shot Foster then teamed up with Knox and Adams to bury the victim in a crawl space under the floor with cement, dirt and gravel. Prosecutors say the suspects then drove Foster’s Escalade to a Connecticut casino to make it look like he disappeared there.

Stanzione believes that after they returned a cab, Foster’s mother contacted Knox to find out where her son was. Knox told her not to worry because if her son was found by police, he would be in danger. His mother then told police to stop looking for Foster as a result. Stanzione says Knox took advantage of Foster’s mother’s trust.

After losing faith in Knox, Foster’s mother told the police to resume their search. This eventually led to the discovery of his body on February 6.

Graham awaits his court date on July 3 in Ulster County Jail without bail. He’d been previously charged with second-degree murder, to which he’d pleaded not guilty. Knox’s family posted her bail, and Adams is in the Columbia County Jail.

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